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  • Sale! 4 Seater Dining Table

    4 Seater Dining Table

    Original price was: ₨ 40,000.Current price is: ₨ 35,000.

    4 Seater Dining Table

  • Buy-Wooden-Dining-Table-with-Chairs-in-Lahore

    Buy Wooden Dining Table with Chairs in Lahore

    Buy Wooden Dining Table with Chairs in Lahore

  • Sale! Dining TableDining Table

    Dining Table

    Original price was: ₨ 65,000.Current price is: ₨ 55,000.

    Dining Table Dining Table With 6 Chairs Material Wood Size 3* 5 Fit Glass Glass Thickness 10mm

  • Sale! Dining Table Design

    Dining Table Design

    Original price was: ₨ 65,000.Current price is: ₨ 55,000.

    Dining Table Design

  • Sale! Dining Table For Sale in Lahore

    Dining Table For Sale in Lahore

    Original price was: ₨ 65,000.Current price is: ₨ 55,000.

    Dining Table For Sale in Lahore Solid wood 6 Chairs size 3*5

  • Sale! dining table price in pakistandining table price in pakistan

    dining table price in pakistan

    Original price was: ₨ 105,000.Current price is: ₨ 95,000.

    dining table price in pakistan

  • Folding Dining Table in Lahore

    Folding Dining Table in Lahore

    Our item is one of the well-known Stylish and Beautiful items. These items offer an exclusive range of Buy Wooden Dining Table with Chairs to meet the demands of our clients. This Dining Table is developed with top grade raw material obtained from reliable dealers. We “SaimFurnitureFactory” are a Sole Proprietorship based firm in Lahore, involved as the leading Manufacturer of Home Interior, Wooden & Fiber Sofa, etc. Our Furniture is high in demand due to their best quality and reasonable prices. Moreover, we guarantee to timely supply these goods to our customers. Through this, we have gained a huge base in the market. Easy to clean, the seat is a mix of foam and fiber for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Dining Table:

The dining table is a important part of a home where people come together to have meals and enjoy good food. It brings people together, inviting loved ones to come together and enjoy talking while eating. It comes in different sizes and styles and can fit in different spaces and styles, from a cozy farmhouse look to a simple modern look. Made from good materials like wood or glass, it is strong and stylish. Extendable options allow for small or big parties to be hosted. The dining table is very useful and can be used for many things like work, being creative, and celebrating. It is an important part of homes where people make memories and become closer to each other.

Glass Dining Table:

A glass dining table looks modern and elegant and can make a dining area feel light and airy. The clear surface of this thing makes smaller rooms look bigger. Made from strong glass that lasts long, it easily goes well with different types of interior designs. The way the light hits the glass makes it look fancy, and its simple design lets other things stand out. If you have small or big gatherings with friends or family, a glass dining table can be the center of attention. It makes the food look even more beautiful and creates a modern and classy atmosphere.

Dining Table Design:

Dining table designs combine creativity and usefulness. They come in a wide range of styles, from modern and smooth designs to detailed and traditional patterns. Made from different stuff like wood, glass, or metal, these designs are made for people's personal preferences and home styles. Extendable options can change to fit different numbers of guests, while pedestal bases add style and make seating arrangements more efficient. Careful design elements such as adding special designs, carvings, or interesting leg shapes display a high level of skill and expertise. Dining table designs are not just pieces of furniture. They are like a blank canvas where people gather to share moments, have conversations, and experience delicious food. They are important in homes because they add style and practicality.

Dining Table Set:

A dining table set is a nice group of furniture that makes gatherings and cooking experiences better. This furniture set includes a table and chairs that are designed to match and work well together. From small breakfast areas to large dining areas, sets are made for different spaces and ways of living. Objects made from materials like wood, metal, or soft fabrics are strong and comfortable. Matching finishes and styles make the dining area look nice and all put together. Whether you are hosting fancy dinners or relaxed brunches, a carefully chosen dining table set can bring together the way it looks and how useful it is, creating memorable moments shared around the table.

Dining Table Price in Pakistan:

The Dining Table Price in Pakistan can vary depending on the type of materials used,  how well they are made, and how complicated their design is. You can find affordable options starting at PKR  25,000, which provide practical solutions without sacrificing style. The mid-range options cost between PKR 55,000 and 60,000. They come in various styles and are made of strong materials that last long. Expensive dining sets with fancy detailing or designs from other countries can cost between PKR 60,000 and 150,000 or more. Having choices that can be changed also play a part in making prices different. In simple terms, the price of a dining table is determined by its quality, design, and what people like. This means there is a dining table available for every budget and it helps make dining a better experience in Pakistani homes.

Dining Table Chairs:

Dining table chairs are very comfortable and stylish, and they make your dining experience better. Made from different materials like wood, metal, or fabric, they are strong and look nice. Designs range from traditional to modern and can be used for a variety of different interior styles. Ergonomic considerations means thinking about how to make seating comfortable during meals and conversations. Soft and padded seats and backrests make you feel comfortable, and stylish details and finishes make it look good. Dining table chairs are not just useful, they are also important parts that go well with the table and help create a friendly environment. With options that are both stylish and practical, they complete the set for enjoyable meals.

Wooden Dining Table:

A wooden dining table is a classic and beautiful piece of furniture that is both useful and pleasing to the eye. Made from different types of wood like oak, maple, or walnut, it gives off a natural and cozy feeling that enhances any dining area. The table is built strong to last a long time, so it's perfect for parties and eating together. The way the grains and finishes look on it make it come in many different styles, like a cozy old farmhouse or a clean and modern look. The wooden dining table brings people together for meals and gatherings. It encourages conversations and shared moments. It is a valuable centerpiece that represents timeless design

Four Chairs Dining Table:

A small Four chairs Dining Set provides a cozy and close dining experience. Great for comfy get-togethers or small family dinners, this small furniture set effortlessly blends usefulness and attractiveness. Made from different materials like wood, metal, or fabric, the chairs are comfortable and have character. When used with a matching table, the set makes the most out of the available space without losing its stylish look. Whether it's a cute little corner for breakfast or a small dining space, the four chairs dining set brings people together over food, making special memories. It is a good choice for people who want a mix of usefulness and beauty in their living spaces because it can do many different things and has a simple elegance.

Six Chairs Dining Table:

The six chairs dining table is very versatile and great for socializing. This is made to fit bigger groups of people and is able to easily work well and look nice at the same time. The chairs are made from different materials like wood, metal, or fabric. They are comfortable and look good. Paired with a big table, this set provides plenty of seating for big family meals or friendly dinners with friends. Whether you have a fancy dining room or a more open space, the dining set with six chairs brings people together and encourages shared experiences. This thing can easily fit into any home and looks nice. It's great for people who want both fun and beauty in their home.

Six Chairs Dining Table Price in Pakistan:

The six chair dining table price in Pakistan can shift broadly based on components such as the fabric, plan, brand, and craftsmanship. For the most part, a standard wooden or glass-top eating table set with six chairs may extend from around PKR 55,000 to PKR 150,000 or more, depending on quality and highlights. Premium or imported sets may surpass this run. It's critical to consider toughness, aesthetics, and consolation when assessing alternatives. Neighborhood furniture markets, as well as online retailers, offer a differing determination to suit distinctive budgets and inclinations, guaranteeing a reasonable eating set for each Pakistani domestic.

Dining Table Price in Lahore:

The dining tables prices in Lahore varies based on several things like how big they are, what material they are made of, what the design is like, and which brand they are from. In nearby markets, a simple wooden dining table set for four people can cost around PKR 30,000 to 40,000. However, if the design is more detailed or if it is a bigger set, the price can be between PKR 40,000 to PKR 100,000 or even higher. Expensive or foreign choices could cost more than this amount. The prices of things can be affected by customization, making something by hand, and extra features. Both online and offline furniture stores in Lahore have a variety of dining tables to choose from. This means that people living in the city can find the perfect dining table that matches their taste, lifestyle, and budget.