SFF 33 Wooden Bed set Price in Pakistan

Original price was: ₨ 210,000.Current price is: ₨ 160,000.

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 Wooden Bed Set Price in Pakistan


If you’re searching for exquisite wooden bed sets in Pakistan, look no further than Saim Furniture Factory. We take pride in offering a wide selection of premium-quality wooden bed sets that not only elevate the aesthetics of your bedroom but also provide unmatched comfort and durability. In this article, we’ll explore the various designs and features of our wooden bed sets while highlighting their affordable prices.

1. Timeless Elegance and Craftsmanship:

At Saim Furniture Factory, we believe in combining timeless elegance with skilled craftsmanship. Our wooden bed sets are meticulously handcrafted by experienced artisans who pay attention to every detail, ensuring each piece is a work of art. From classic designs to modern aesthetics, our bed sets complement a variety of interior styles, making them a perfect choice for any home.

2. Diverse Range of Designs:

Whether you prefer a sleek and minimalistic look or a more ornate and traditional style, we have a wooden bed set to suit your preferences. Our collection includes single, double, queen, and king-size bed sets, each designed to provide maximum comfort and a restful night’s sleep. With various headboard styles, finishes, and detailing options available, you can effortlessly find a bed set that matches your taste and fits seamlessly into your bedroom decor.

3. Unmatched Durability:

When it comes to investing in furniture, durability is a crucial factor. At Saim Furniture Factory, we use the finest quality solid wood, such as Sheesham, Oak, and Teak, known for their sturdiness and resilience. Our wooden bed sets are built to withstand the test of time, offering you long-lasting beauty and functionality.

4. Affordable Prices:

We understand that finding high-quality furniture at reasonable prices is essential for our customers. That’s why Saim Furniture Factory is committed to offering competitive prices without compromising on craftsmanship or materials. Our wooden bed sets provide excellent value for your money, ensuring you get the best deal for your dream bedroom.


In conclusion, Saim Furniture Factory presents an impressive range of wooden bed sets in Pakistan, each reflecting our passion for quality and design excellence. From classic to contemporary, our bed sets are built with precision and care to deliver comfort and elegance to your bedroom space. With affordable prices and exceptional craftsmanship, Saim Furniture Factory remains a trusted choice for discerning homeowners looking to enhance their living spaces with timeless wooden furniture. Experience the charm of our wooden bed sets and elevate your bedroom aesthetics to new heights.


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